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Survival Gear

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Survival Skills

The best way to learn survival skills is by learning from others and then practicing those skills in the field.  Our philosophy is that bushcraft skills are the ultimate survival resource.  All people looking to become more self-sufficient should focus on learning to perfect there wilderness survival skills first such as creating fire, purifying water, and building shelter. You will also learn many other pioneer living skills as well.

Survival Training

Are you interested in taking your skills to the next level?  Immersing yourself in Hands on in field training is critical.  We have developed relationships with the top survival schools, bushcraft training, wild-edibles training, and firearms training schools in the United States.  We show you where to go to get the best training from skilled professionals.

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Survival Training

Wild Edibles

The ability to identify and safely consume wild edibles is an essential skill for outdoorsman and backpackers.  Our wild edibles training course will teach your the basics of surviving and thriving in any environment.

Bushcraft Skills

Learning Bushcraft is the best way to prepare yourself for an uncertain future.  Mastering Bushcraft means you can provide all the basic survival needs including shelter, food, water, and heat in any environment.

Medical Training

Learning medical skills is a critical to any serious survivalist.  There are no hospitals deep in the bush so your must provide your own medical care through both primitive and modern methods.

Wild Game

The ability to cultivate wild game in the field is critical for long-term wilderness survival.  Our courses teach your the essentials for procuring game both big and small including Elk, Deer, Fish, Squirrels, Rats, Beavers and more.

Survival Blog

August 22, 2017 in Survival Skills

Surviving in your Home After a Natural Disaster

Surviving in your Home After a Natural Disaster It’s the year 2018, and If there’s a natural disaster or other emergency you will quickly need to determine a game plan to improve your chances of survival. The best course of action will greatly determine the nature of the emergency and…

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August 22, 2017 in Product Review

New Survival Gear for 2017

New Survival Gear for 2017 Being a veteran and reminiscing about the military, nothing made war games and camping better than having high quality survival gear. From night vision goggles to canteens, there will be very limited excitement and fun without having the right equipment that will keep you in…

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August 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

Best Survival Gear for 2018

Best Survival Gear for 2018 Whether it’s the possibility of war, a pandemic, or a natural disaster, it’s necessary to have the most important survival gear. The following describes the best survival gear for 2018 and backup options. Water Filters A reliable water filter or water straw that removes 99.9…

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April 5, 2017 in Wilderness Survival

Surviving in the Wilderness

What are the ways to survive in the wilderness? Anyone with experience camping in the wilderness knows the potential risks associated. For many people, these potential risks can be terrifying—however, there are many ways to cover yourself to make sure you aren’t in any risk. Keep an Emergency Radio On-Hand…

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